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MI’s expertise

    1. Experimental Physics

    2.     (Detection technologies)

    3. Micro-optics and MEMS

    4. Biochemistry

    5. International Business development


Analysis services:

Time-saving affordable solution for busy designers who cares air flow!

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5-minute Air Flow Simulation for Everyone!

Visualize Effects from Better Control and Condition of Air!

New, Improved FlowDesigner10 released!

- Importing SketchUp (.skp) and Rhino (and other 3D CAD, .3ds) files 

- Virtual wind tunnel (surface pressure, drag coefficient, wind pressure coefficient, etc.)

- Total annual solar exposure calculation

  1. -Improvements on shape recognition algorithms (speed up)

  2. System checked in English and Japanese Windows.  Please ask for other language environment

Applications - Cooling of Data Centers, Buildings with Natural ventilation, City Planning Utilizing Sea Breeze, Factory Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Parking, and more!!

FlowDesigner & VectorWorks: Open BIM Collaboration with Airflow Analysis (link)

FlowDesigner11 has been released!

More improved 3D CAD supports and Sensitivity analysis!

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